320 Series Standard Bone by Dometic 302320083


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320 Series Standard Height Bone by Dometic 302320083

Best in class

The Dometic 320 toilet is the best of all worlds. A value priced toilet, the Dometic 320 features revolutionary Powerflush Technology and a china bowl. This toilet is the upgrade from the 310, it has more of a residential feel with an elongated bowl.

Manufacturers love it for the industry- best quick, two bolt installation. Dealers love offering a china toilet at a price previously seen only for cheaper, flimsier plastic models. You'll love everything about the 320.

  • True, 100% bowl coverage
  • Tasteful and elegant Euro design
  • Lightweight and strong - 100% china
  • Innovative industry-leading drop away ball and valve with new seal-tight system
  • Powerflush, swirl-jet bowl rinse action ensures a cleaner rinse
  • Comfortable 18-inch ergonomic seat height
  • Available in white and bone colors
Measurements (H x W x D) (inch) 20" x 15" x 10.25"
Color: Bone
302320081 Sealand Dometic 320 China Toilet Gravity Discharge
Operation / Installation Manual: click here

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