Adco Black Ultra Tyre Gard with Bungee Cord Size 3 3973


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Adco Black Ultra Tyre Gard w/ Bungee Cord Size 3 3973

Protect your stored vehicle‘s tires. Heavy duty flannel-backed vinyl repels liquid and saves tires from the sun’s damaging U.V. rays and other environmental hazards. Helps prevent premature cracking of sidewalls that can lead to on-road blowouts.

The Ultra Tyre Gard model features a patented Bungee-Ball rear fastening system with brass reinforced grommets. Never lose a Tyre Gard again to the wind.

 Use Tyre Gards on all stored vehicles.

 Available in Polar White and Black.

 We offer single wheel Tyre Gards in three colors. Our Colonial White is our traditional color and looks great on older vehicles and anything that is off-white. Polar White looks great on brand new vehicles and anything that is bright white. Black is brand new to ADCO and looks great on everything. These are all sold in pairs..

 We offer multi-axle Tyre Gards in Polar White and Black. Save installation time by covering multiple tires at once. These come with rear grommets.

 Order by tire diameter, adding 1" - 2" to diameter for protruding wheel covers.




Single Wheel Tyre Gards
  Size   Tire Diameter Size  
  1   33" to 35"  
  2   30" to 32"  
  3   27" to 29"  
  4   24" to 26"  
  5   18" to 22"  
  XL   36" to 39"  
  Bus   40" to 42"  
  Oversize   43" to 45"  

3 Year Warranry

2 Per Box (One Pair)

RV, Motorhome, 5th Wheel and travel trailer Tire Covers

3973 Adco Black Ultra Tyre Gard w/ Bungee Cord Size 3


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    RV Tire Covers

    Posted by Marvin H on 18th Sep 2013

    I'm very happy with the Adco Black Tire Covers. They look and fit perfect, and provide the needed protection for my RV tires. is always a pleasure to deal with. The shipment was quick and the price was very good.

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