Anti Sway Bar 1139-176


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Anti Sway Bar 1139-176

A remarkable improvement in stability and cornering control — for motorhomes or any large vehicle, especially towing combinations — is just a few bolts away. Anti-sway bars from Roadmaster Suspension Solutions deliver a “Wow!” difference in RV control you’ll notice the first time you turn the wheel.
• Kits manufactured for more than 60 different motorhomes, trucks, vans and SUVs — each one custom-designed for a specific chassis and suspension system.
• Easy installation — in most cases, eight bolts. Each kit comes complete with heavy-gauge mounting hardware, easy-to-follow instructions, and the bushing lubricant.
• Large diameter, cadmium-plated 4140 chromoly steel bars and heavy-duty polyurethane bushings ensure maximum support and durability.


Upgrading your shock absorbers will control up and down motion. But the best shocks in the world won’t affect side to side motion (the “Queen Mary effect,” commonly called “body roll” or “sway”) by one iota.

The solution to sway is in the suspension.

Adding a set of ROADMASTER Suspension Solutions anti-sway bars to your suspension system will have the same effect on sway as a good set of shocks has on up and down motion — there’s an immediate improvement in stability and tracking, especially on the curves.

For many motorhome owners, this is an empowering experience. What was beyond their control, just yesterday, is suddenly within it — cornering with confidence, quicker maneuvering, and a remarkably level ride over uneven terrain — all without launching the dishes out of the cupboard. And even after eight or 10 hours at the wheel, they arrive fresh, instead of fatigued. Which means they can start enjoying the Grand Canyon, the Grand Tetons, or the grandkids right away.

How could one component have such a dramatic effect?

What does an anti-sway bar do?
Both stock and custom anti-sway bars are designed as a link between the suspension and the frame, and both use the weight of the axle as a brace against the chassis, so that pressure to one side of the motorhome (by weight shift, wind, or passing trucks) is countered by the bar.
An RSS anti-sway bar, however, is built to offer significantly more resistance to sway…

Bigger is better — RSS anti-sway bars have a thicker diameter than stock bars. Often, a quarter to three-eighths of an inch more. Each incremental increase in diameter has an exponential effect on performance — on average, torsional roll stiffness is increased by 30 percent with every eighth-of-an-inch increase in diameter.

In plain English, the bar offers 30 percent more resistance to sway.

A high-grade alloy — RSS anti-sway bars are made of 4140 “chromoly” steel (a chrome and molybdenum alloy), which is considerably stronger and more durable than the standard spring steel (a 1020 grade) used in many stock anti-sway bars.

A better pivot point — All anti-sway bars pivot and rotate, in response to pressure shifts on the chassis. The bushings (one at each connecting point) are the pivot points, and also the points most vulnerable to abrasion.

Stock bushing are made of rubber, which hardens over time, making it more susceptible to abrasion. Rubber is also subject to corrosion, and additional wear, from petroleum products like gasoline or oil, and from ozone in the atmosphere.

The more a stock bushing wears, the more the anti-sway bar ‘gives.’ Over time, the motorhome leans farther and farther out of line, in response to the same load weights. That’s what causes driver fatigue on big rigs — constantly correcting for excessive sway.

RSS bushings, on the other hand, are made of polyurethane, which has many advantages over rubber — polyurethane is impervious to gas, oil and ozone corrosion, is more resistant to abrasion, and doesn’t buckle under heavier load weights.
Do you need a better suspension?
            Every “yes” to the following questions is a “yes” for an RSS anti-sway bar:
            • Does driving for an extended period of time leave you fatigued?
            • Do you stick to the main roads as much as possible?
            • Does the vehicle ‘roll’ when cornering?
            • Do passing semis or wind gusts rock the vehicle back and forth?
            • Is driving a “white knuckle” experience?

What does the ride feel like?
“The installation of the (RSS anti-sway bar) vastly improved steering. Sway on turns very much reduced. Sway due to passing trucks reduced also. My motorhome handles like our car. Very smooth.”
— A. Dunham, Rochester, WA
“It changed our Superchief from the most miserable to the best handling and riding rig on the road. We can now go out looking for crooked roads to enjoy.”
— R. Hanson, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
“…It sure made the vehicle drive like a new unit. Handling and cornering improved 90 percent.”
— J. Mistretta, Rockford, MI

About RSS anti-sway bars…
RSS currently manufactures anti-sway bars for more than 60 different large vehicles such as pickup trucks, vans and SUVs, and on up to full-size motorhomes. Whether you’re driving a Ford F350 or a 40-foot Class A motorhome, we make an anti-sway bar for you. (Go to the RSS application guide.) And chances are, the next ambulance or rescue vehicle you see has an RSS anti-sway bar — RSS anti-sway bars make it safer and easier to drive an emergency vehicle at high speeds, and they also hold it level, so that both patient and paramedic are on a more stable platform.
Which means that throughout the country, you’ll find a wide variety of vehicles already equipped with RSS anti-sway bars.

Each RSS anti-sway bar is designed as a custom fit, for a specific chassis. RSS engineering designs take into consideration chassis and axle manufacturers’ specifications (your warranty will not be affected), and to avoid any interaction or conflict between the anti-sway bar and popular accessory add-ons, whether or not they’re presently on your vehicle.
Every RSS anti-sway bar comes with a limited one-year warranty to the original purchaser.

1139-176 Roadmaster Anti Sway Bar

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