Atwood Air Command 15,000 BTU Ducted Air Conditioner - Heat Pump 15028


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Atwood Air Command 15,000 BTU Ducted Air Conditioner - Heat Pump 15028  

Performance Air Conditioners by Atwood

Air Command is the quietest, most efficient air conditioner in its class, offering 16K or 18K BTU equivalent performance. The latest technology using the least amount of energy.

Air Command was designed, tested, and proven in the Australian "Outback" to withstand rigors of the harshest elements. Models feature either 16K BTU or 18K BTU equivalent performance, superior V-FLOW™ air distribution, a digital thermostat with remote control, and an independent dual motor design. Even heat pumps come standard in 18K models! Air Command's durability, function, and features are unlike anything else on the market today.

V-Flow Air Distribution

Smooth air transitions quietly (as low as 55 dB), and efficiently delivers more CFM of cool air while using less power.

Ultra Light Weight

Lightest in class with an aerodynamic front profile.

Electronic Thermostat with Remote Control

Precise temperature control from anywhere in the coach.

White Air Command air conditioner by Atwood. Ducted ceiling assembly is sold seperate and includes wall mounted thermostat and remote control.

Further information:

Air Command brochure

Ducted Air Command AC manual (installation and operation)

15028 Atwood Air Command 15,000 BTU Ducted Air Conditioner - HeatPump


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    Great Service

    I ordered 2 air conditioners on a Tuesday. and they arrived fresh from the factory on Thursday. Best price I could find after shopping for 4 months. Great place.

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    This is a very very quiet unit. And cool well also.

    Posted by Chris C. Grier on 10th Jun 2016

    We purchased the Atwood Command Air 15k BTU Ducted A/C w/ heat pump. The A/C works like a 15 not an 18 as sort of advertised. But still cools great, In the 95 Degrees. Better than my old Dometic 15k. - The heat pump work but not sure how well since it is summer. - The fan either runs on automatic and adjust the speed of the fan to the amount needed and when the compressor finally cuts out, the fan continues to run on low. - On Manual Fan it runs on what speed you have it set all the time. - The thermostat shows the temp at which it is set. You can press and hold the Key button for a few seconds and it will show the inside temp. - It came with the 20-foot thermostat communication cable. But for those who already have wiring you can get the adapter and continue to use the existing wire. - I think Atwood should do a lot better at insulating and sealing up the condenser box. - I have yet to hear the hissing sounds from the switching of the heap pump/ac reversing valve. It is really a quiet unit. - Sometimes I only hear the compressor humming or don’t think that it is on. Nice, but still blowing the air. For now, I would recommend this to anybody. And the nice people at were the least expensive and the nicest to help me with the right parts.
    Also I am using a EU3000is Honda generator and it don’t have a problem starting it in eco mode either.
    Tell them I sent ya. Chris Grier

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