Atwood Air Command 15000 BTU Non-Ducted Air Conditioner 15026


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Atwood Air Command 15000 BTU Non-Ducted Air Conditioner HeatPump 15026

**Discontinued - Out Of Stock**

Performance Air Conditioners by Atwood

Air Command is the quietest, most efficient air conditioner in its class, offering 16K or 18K BTU equivalent performance. The latest technology using the least amount of energy.

Air Command was designed, tested, and proven in the Australian "Outback" to withstand rigors of the harshest elements. Models feature either 16K BTU or 18K BTU equivalent performance, superior V-FLOW™ air distribution, a digital thermostat with remote control, and an independent dual motor design. Even heat pumps come standard in 18K models! Air Command's durability, function, and features are unlike anything else on the market today.

V-Flow Air Distribution

Smooth air transitions quietly (as low as 55 dB), and efficiently delivers more CFM of cool air while using less power.

Ultra Light Weight

Lightest in class with an aerodynamic front profile.

Electronic Thermostat with Remote Control

Precise temperature control from anywhere in the coach.

White Air Command air conditioner by Atwood. Non-ducted ceiling assembly is sold seperate and includes flip down thermostat and remote control.

Further information:

Air Command brochure

Non-ducted Air Command AC manual (installation and operation)

15026 Atwood Air Command 15000 BTU Non-Ducted Air Conditioner HeatPump


  • 1
    Fan never shuts off. EVER!

    Posted by Nate on 5th Jul 2017

    Never would I have ever thought I wold need to check to see if the fan on the unit cycles automatically. Huge waste of energy and it's also extremely annoying to listen to constantly. So I have to end up turning the unit on and off to get some quiet. Thinking about figuring out a way to install a secondary thermostat to control the fan. Seems like it would have been a given that a thermostat to turn it on and off automatically would be standard. Not something I would need to engineer myself after purchasing. I bought 2 other products from Atwood also. I purchased their on demand water heater as well and the tabs that hold the door on immediately fell out. So I called their customer service and the guy told me to get some super glue. I said I shouldn't have to go get super glue for a brand new $600 unit. And the guy said "Well what do you think we're going to do send you a brand new one because a couple of tabs fells off?" I didn't say that at all I just wanted my brand new unit to work without super glue. You spend $600 for a supposedly top of the line unit you shouldn't have to go buy super glue. Basically it was my problem not his. Then I could barely get that thing to work and when it did it did so poorly. Then it turned out there was a recall on it because it would shoot out scalding hot water and steam if turned on and off too quickly. Then the furnace cover wouldn't go on without modification to the unit.

    So yes. Everything about Atwood has been an absolute nightmare. Horrible products with insulting customer service. The tiny bit saved is worth much less than what you're giving up in quality. And over something so stupid as not making the fan shut off. Why? Why? A thousand times, why? It's 60 degrees out and I want to set my unit to 80 even though it might be a week or a month before the unit will actually need to run, and the fan will run for a month straight for no reason. I just want to set it and forget about it but I can't. I HATE Atwood and their low quality crap. Never again!

  • 5
    great product,

    Posted by George Taylor on 5th Jul 2014

    very good customer service, received items in 4 days from when ordered
    heat-pump operates well, I installed it on a 55 foot boat for use in the Living room, Kitchen area, it had replaced a 12,000 btu Samsung mini-split heat pump with 220v power, this Atwood system is very
    quiet , though on shipping the box was a bit beat up though the product was well protected around the unit.

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