Atwood Electric Motor Kit 75391


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Atwood Electric Motor Kit 75931


No Longer Available

Heavy wall 2 1/2" square tube construction, 5 1/2" diameter dished steel foot pads and precision roll threaded mechanical screw.

A double tube extension allows inner tube to be dropped to the ground & pinned in 1" increments for use on even or uneven terrain.

Model: 75333/75529 5th Wheel Jacks: Jack Set Rated Capacity: 6000 lbs. Gear Driven Tube Extension: 17 1/2"

Drop Tube Extension: 16" Total Adjustment: 36"

Model: 75391 Electric Motor Kit: 12V DC jack motor enables easy conversion of manual to electric operation.

Cranking is eliminated when the 75391 motor is assembled to the 75333/75529 manually operated jack.

The motor comes complete with wire, on-off switch, all necessary mounting hardware and detailed instructions.

Draws 27 amps under load.

75391 Atwood Electric Motor Kit

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