Atwood LP Gas Protector - LP Gas Monitor System White 36720


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LP Gas Protector - LP Gas Monitor System White 36720

Surface mount Flush mount

  • Protets Your Family by Sensing LP Gas
  • Power Source Input: 12 VDC

Power Off Mode: Visually indicates sufficient and insufficient power. LED and button will not function in this mode.

Normal Stand By Mode: Green LED indicates that gas concentration is continuously monitored at a safe level. Test button will be active.

Alarm Mode: Red LED indicates that gas concentration has reached unsafe levels. The audible alarm activates. Press Test button to reset. Indicator returns to Green when LP concentrations have been removed.

Test Mode: When testing the LED indicator is Red and the audible alarm sounds for 10 seconds.

End of Life Mode: After 7 years (+/- 128 days) of continuous operation, a flashing Yellow LED with alarm chirping every 30 seconds indicates the sensor is no longer reliable and must be replaced. Once end-of-life mode is permanent, the alarm can not be reset.

Replaces 36720

36720 Atwood Protector LP Detector White

**No Longer effective with CO2 Detection - Must purchase additional CO2 detector**


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    Product displayed was not one that was sent and had to send it back.

    Posted by Joe Gill on 6th Mar 2013

    Customerss service told me that the manufacturer some time substituted a different type when it was no longer manufactured, but upon checking the manufacturer I found that they still made this product. I had to take the time to send this back. Not a very good experience with Makrios
    **Product was changed by Atwood and the new style is the only style available - shown in image!**

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