Atwood Manual Jacks Polar White 4 Set 84371


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Atwood Manual Jacks Polar White 4 Set 84371


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Atwood has raised the standards for camper jacks with a design that surpasses hydraulic jacks in performance, control and reliability.

Utilizing a recirculating ball bearing design, this jack enables fast, secure positioning of your camper and is engineered so that the jack cannot change position unless operated.

No seal failures or fluid leaks to worry about.

The natural circular motion to raise or lower the jack is faster and more efficient, and the large footpads add stability, especially in soft ground.

The Ball Screw Jacks, sold in a set of four, use the same mounting pattern as hydraulic jack brackets, and are offered in Pure White finish.

Available in electric or manual operation.

Capacity is 2200 lbs per jack, with a system capacity of 3900 lbs for four jacks.

Set of 4 manual jacks Polar White

84371 Atwood Manual Jacks Polar White Set-4


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