Atwood Pilot Orifice 91285


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Atwood Pilot Orifice 91285

Replacement pilot orifice for Atwood Water Heaters: G4SM, G6A, G6A-2, G610B, G10C, G6A-1, G610, G10B, GC6A, GC10C, and GH6, G6A-3, G6A-6, G610-3, G610-3B, G6A-7, GC6A-3, GC6A-6, GC6A-7, GC6AA-7, GC6AA-8, GH6-3, GH6-6, GH610-3, GH6-7, G6A-6P, G6A-7P, GC6AA-7P, and GC6AA-8P. For 1/8" tubing.

91285 Atwood Pilot Orifice


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    Wasteful shipping

    The part is what I ordered, the shipping was way over the top! Besides being twice as much as the part, I could not believe how they shipped it. This part is the same size as the chrome clicker button on a ball point pen. They shipped it in a 16"x16"x6" box filled stuffed with paper around a paper bag that had a plastic bag inside with the part. They could have put it in an envelope and mailed it.

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