Battery Watering System One Batterry Kit by Flow-Rite MP-2010


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Battery Watering System, One Batterry Kit by Flow-Rite MP-2010

Improve your batterylife and performance with the Qwik-Fill Onboard Battery Watering System. Add water to your batteries without ever having to touch a battery or remove a cap! The system lets you fill up to 3 batteries from a single fill tube, using a simple hand pump. Safer and more accurate than conventional filling, it installs in minutes without tools. Simply replace the existing battery caps with the Qwik-Fill manifolds and connect together with flexible tubing. Automatically sends water only to low cells by using automatic shut-off valves to each cell, providing electrolyte level accuracy to 1/8". Makes maintaining proper electrolyte levels in hard-to-reach batteries easy, improving battery life and performance. Hand pump (sold separately) works with any distilled water container (not included). Systems are reusable and can be installed on new batteries when old batteries are replaced.


Hand Pump Filler for use with Pro-Fill RV Edition* and Qwik-Fill* Onboard Battery Watering Systems. Onboard Battery Watering Systems sold separately. Only one pump required, regardless of the number of batteries being filled. Includes squeeze bulb with check valves, quick disconnect, tubing and intake filter. MP-2010: Fits all 12 volt flooded lead acid batteries in group sizes 24 through 31 with standard 3-cell.

MP-2010 Qwik Fill 1 Battery Kit

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