Bayonet Case Revolution LED Bulb 300 Lumens 016-1141-300


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Bayonet Case Revolution LED Bulb 300 Lumens 1141-300

Revolution 300 LMS LED Bulb 12 volt exterior LED light bulb. Lasts for 60,000+ hours. Uses 1/11th the power draw as a comparable incandescent bulb. Extremely bright - produces a constant 300 LMS. The Revolution series from Starlights, Inc. is one of a kind. It´s the world´s only water resistant LED bulb which rotates in its base- allowing it to be directed to maximize light. This bulb also produces Natural Light- looks just like the light which comes from an incandescent bulb. This bulb is as bright as many incandescent bulbs, but at less than half the cost of comparable LED products. After years of research, we have finally solved the LED puzzle, bringing consumers a bright, energy efficient, long lasting LED bulb at a reasonable cost.

  • 300 lumens
  • 6500 kelvin
  • 3.3 watts
  • 0.275 amps
  • Voltage Range: 8-30 volts
  • Swivel style housing allows you to direct light where it's needed.
  • Patented rotating design (Patent# 29/366,919)
  • Lasts 100 TIMES LONGER than a standard bulb (60,000 hour life expectancy)
  • Energy Efficient - can run 6 ‘Revolution Bulbs’ for every 1 standard bulb
  • Fits most RV fixtures
  • Significantly brighter than conventional incandescent bulbs
  • Operates much cooler - won’t melt lenses
  • Replaces 67, 93, 105, 199, 1003, 1073, 1093, 1095, 1139, 1141, 1143, 1156, 1159, 1195, 1293, 1295, 1383, 3497, 5007, 5008, 7506, 7527
  • May be used for exterior porch, interior lighting and more...
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty

1141-300 Bayonet Case Revolution LED Bulb 300 Lumens


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    LED Bulb

    Posted by Melvin Davis on 18th Sep 2013

    I ordered one bulb for trial. I tried it in all the sockets inside my 17ft. fiberglass travel trailer. After the installation in each individual socket, with the TV turned on, as soon as I would turn the light on the TV would loose reception. The only socket that does not affect TV is the outside one beside the entry door. The antenna is a Winegard Roadstar 1500 mounted on the top front of the trailer. reception is excellent until I turn the LED bulb on, then is non-existant. I am very dissatisfied with this 1141-300 bulb

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