Black Nitride Shaft Gas Springs-Struts GSNI-5200-60


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Black Nitride Shaft Gas Springs - Struts by JR Products GSNI-5200-60

This gas spring combines all the proven reliability you've cone to expect from an SPD Gas Spring along with the added feature of a nitride shaft. The GSNI Gas Spring incorporates a strong annealed steel rod with a Nitride coating for added corrosion resistance, especially when used with the all composite PS130 end fitting. This gas spring is an ideal choice where exceptional quality, combined with an over all black appearance, are important for your application. 1 per pack.

View our gas strut fit chart - click here!

JR Products Gas Props are perfect replacements for motorhome compartment doors!

A - 17"

B - 9.66"

C - 7.34"

D - 6 mm

E - 15 mm

Force - 60 lbs

Type of End - Plastic Socket

GSNI-5200-60 Black Nitride Gas Springs - Gas Struts

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