Blue Ox Tow Bar Base Plate Ford Bronco 92-94 DM7450


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Blue Ox Tow Bar Base Plate Ford Bronco 92-94 DM7450


WT: Ship weight TY: Baseplate design H: Tab height W: Tab width


For TY (Baseplate design),


T: Towable (see terminology)

S: Standard tab - Standard indicates Blue Ox baseplates with standard attachment tabs

R: Removable tab - Removable indicates Blue Ox baseplates that have removable attachment tabs

D: Duncan Bracket Kit - D indicates Duncan bracket kits. Duncan bracket kits require the BX88230 adapter to use a Blue Ox towbar.


For Notes,

T. Indicates vehicles that to the knowledge of Blue Ox may be towed without the addition of a drive shaft disconnect or lube pump. Honda's have a special procedure for towing. 1. Bumper fascia must be removed and replaced during installation.
2. Requires some trimming of bumper (fascia, plastic, and/or grill).
3. Requires some drilling (not major).
6. Headlights must be removed and replaced during installation.
13. Use only with motorhome mount tow bars or the BX8833 or BX88151 adapters. Removable tabs with only one hole will not attach to car mount tow bars or other adapters. The Acclaim may only be used with removable tab baseplates that have 23" or greater spaced tabs. The Adventurer may only be used with baseplates that have 16” – 36” spaced removable tabs The Ambassador may only be used with 24" spaced removable tabs.
15. Specific dinghy towing restrictions apply. They may include specific towing speeds and distances, and/or lubricating the transmission and transfer case with the engine idling, then running selector through the gears. Other restrictions may also apply. Confirm the towability and pre-towing procedures of your vehicle with the owner's manual or contact the vehicle's manufacturer for specific towing procedures.
47. The BX88152 adapter can not be used with this baseplate.

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DM7450 Blue Ox Tow Bar Base Plate Ford Bronco 92-94

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