Carefree Campout Pop Up Awning Sierra Brown 8'-5" 981018A00


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Carefree Campout Pop Up Awning Sierra Brown 8'-5" 981018A00

Only the Campout Awning offers such ease of setup. No other bag awning has self-contained hardware or such a wide choice of sizes.

Three Reasons you'll insist on a Campout over other bag awnings!

Campout's Easy Set Up

Self-storing arms and braces simply fold into the lead bar.

Campout's Durable Construction

Heavy-duty aluminum channels make the Campout the strongest awning available.

Campout's best looks

The Campout is available in a wide range of colors to perfectly match your trailer! Storage bag and weatherguard is white.

All Campout canopy extensions are 8' except the 2.5M, which is 6'6". Canopy assembly is housed in a slim, white vinyl, zippered bag that attaches to the awning rail on your RV. Heavy-duty vinyl canopy. Extruded aluminum awning structure consists of the lead bar which houses the fold out arms and braces. Note: size refers to end-of-bag to end-of-bag

Installation Tips:

Campout must slide into an awning rail on a relatively flat surface with the mounting area measuring a minimum of 3" longer than the specified awning length and with 6-1/2" of clearance below the rail.

981018A00 Carefree Campout Pop Up Awning Sierra Brown 8'-5"

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