Carefree Maxi Smart Visor 30" JD030MA36-RP


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Carefree Maxi Smart Visor 30" JD030MA36-RP


The Maxi SmartVisor is the sunvisor your motorhome should have had when you bought it! Optional widths and 36" drop maximize sun block. Pulls down anywhere you want and stays put until you push it up. Fabric is black nylon/polyester housed in a black aluminum case. Order them for drivers and passenger side windshield.

Ordering tips: To insure you get the proper coverage for your window, note the following: The Maxi SmartVisor size is the distance between outside edges of mounting bracket locations. The fabric width is 2-1/2" less than the visor size ordered. The Power SmartVisor size is measured from end of case to end of case. Power SmartVisor width specifies total overall width of shade, actual fabric will be 2.5" narrower. Requires a flat, unobstructed installation area that is a minimum of 2" high, 2.75" deep and 1" wider than the specified size. Example: A 40" visor requires 41" of flat, unobstructed space.

For Privacy Shading:

Order two SmartVisors; one for the passenger side, and one for driver side windshield, large enough for fabric to overlap.

JD030MA36-RP Maxi Smart Visor 30" (single)

Maxi Smart Visor Installation Instructions: Click Here

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