Carefree Power Smart Visor 40" YS040QA36L-RP


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Carefree Power Smart Visor 40" YS040QA36L-RP

Power SmartVisor

Black nylon/polyester visors pull down to a 36" drop (30" wide SmartVisor has a 34" drop). Power SmartVisors are housed in a painted black aluminum case. Includes wiring and switch mechanisms. Specify left or right motor mount.

Installation Tip:

Power SmartVisor width specifies total overall width of shade, actual fabric will be 2" narrower. Requires a flat, unobstructed installation area that is a minimum of 2" high, 2.75" deep and 1" wider than the specified size. For example a 40" visor requires 41" of flat, unobstructed space.

For Privacy Shading:

Order two SmartVisors; one for the passenger side, and one for driver side windshield, large enough for fabric to overlap.

**Power Switch Included**

Left Hand

YS040QA36L-RP Power Smart Visor 40" (single)

Power Smart Visor Installation Instructions: Click Here

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