Coleman Black Heat Cool Bluetooth Thermostat 9430-3543


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Coleman Black Heat Cool Bluetooth Thermostat 9430-3543

New for the end of 2018, Coleman releases their new line of Bluetooth controlled thermostats!

Keep an eye on the conditions inside your RV.  The RV Climate app tells you all you need to know with just a swipe of your finger.

This thermostat controls one Coleman AC unit and one furnace. Wires coming out of the back of the thermostat have a plug at the end. Not compatible with Dometic systems. Also available in white.

Multiple air conditioners and furnaces with individual Bluetooth controlled wall thermostats can be operated by one smart device - all the convenience of multi-zone controls.

  • Pair up to 3 Thermostats to a single smart device
  • Connect up to 4 smart devices to control thermostat operations
  • Backlit, easy to read LCD display
  • For iOS and Android devices
    • iOS 9.0 or later
    • Android OS 4.4 or later
  • 12 VDC
  • Energy Efficient and Affordable
  • FCC Certified

Below, we have provided a list of Coleman Mach thermostat part numbers that this Bluetooth thermostat will work as a replacement for. This thermostat part number is found on the back side of the thermostat, it will require the thermostat to be removed from the wall.

9430-3366 9430-337 9430-338 9430-339
9430-340 9430-342 9430-356 9430-335
7330-332 7330G335 7330F385 7330G336
8330-3362 8330-3862 8330-337 8330-3482
8330-339 8330-346 8330-387 8330-368

9430-3543 Coleman Black Heat Cool Bluetooth Thermostat

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