Coleman Digital Wall Thermostat Black True Air 6535-3442


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Coleman Digital Wall Thermostat Black True Air 6535-3442

Coleman Heat / Cool Digital Wall Thermostat for Coleman Heat Pump. View our guide on how to determine the correct replacement Coleman Mach thermostat. Still need further assistance? Feel free to contact us!

6535-3442 - Coleman Digital True Air Thermostat Black 2 Stage

*Replaces 6535-335, 6535a335, and 6535B335 (see instructions below)*

View our video below that shows how to determine which Coleman replacement thermostat will work for you!

Installation instructions for the stat 6535-3442: (when replacing 6535-335, 6535a335, and 6535B335)

1. Please cut the three pin from the old (original) thermostat as close the back of the stat as possible. Leaving plenty of wires hanging from the three pin plug

2. When the new stat arrives, cut the four pin plug as close to the plug as possible leaving plenty of wires hanging from the back of the stat.

3. The orange/white wire on the new stat is not utilized (simply cap off).

4. Match the other three wires (color to color) from the three pin plug removed from the original stat (heat shrink wrap, wire tie or butt connect.

5. Plug the new stat (6535-3442) into the three pin and nine pin plugs hanging from the wall. This should be a complete replacement.

6. *Note* the nine pin will be short one wire on the new stat as this wire is no longer needed. All is well – these installation instructions are from Coleman directly and will result with a successful replacement!



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    Posted by Amy on 25th Apr 2019

    Works great! Instructions on point

  • 4
    Easy Replacement for Winnebago OEM Part to get you Auto GEN Start

    This replaced the original Thermostat in our Winnebago/Itasca Motor home. I was installing an Auto Generator Start (AGS) device and the original thermostat did not have the AGS output - this thermostat does. All the original functions work perfectly.

    INSTALLATION is EASIER than described above. There is no need to cut & splice wires to accommodate the new 4-Pin connector if your are not comfortable doing that. I simply cut back the plastic guide on the 4th Pin (Orange/White) used for 2-Stage Gas Heating (i.e. High Gas Heat Out). Trimming or cutting half of the 4th pin's plastic guide (between the 3rd & 4th pins) allows the 4-Pin Thermostat connector to slide on and snap-lock to the 3-Pin connector on your RV wiring harness. As an added measure your can cut the 4th Pin Orange/White wire from the Thermostat's 4-Pin connector to make it more obvious which way to mate the two connectors when all is done.

    I did not give this product 5 Stars because this purchase is the second identical thermostat I installed. The first one started to have internal relay sticking issues after 4 years of continuous HEAVY useage.

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    T-stat replacement

    Posted by joe on 20th Sep 2012

    Hello the stat looks the same and works fine except for one thing, it doesn't activate the heat pump. this t-stat was to replace my original according to your office and the literature I got off the internet. But it doesn't fulfill every operation. ????? joe

  • 5
    A perfect fit

    Posted by Jim on 18th Jun 2012

    My air conditioner (heat pump) was doing strange things like cutting off and sometimes not coming on at all. I bought this thermostat and only had to change the three-wire connector. My system now works as should.

    I would recommend this thermostat to anyone.

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