Demco Diode Wiring Combo Kit 9523057


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Demco Diode Combo Kit 9523057

If you are looking for the complete package when it comes to towing accessories, then look no further than Demco's Towing Combo Kits. These kits will get you on the road with all the accessories you need to not only wire the towed vehicle for lights but also to provide the safety and security of Demco's Three Lock set as well as a morine grade vinyl Demco Logoed tow bar cover.

Kit contents:

9523006-6 way coiled lighting cable

9523010-Diode wiring kit

9523042-Marine grade Tow Bar storage cover

9523068-Three pin locking kit

9523053-7 to 6 way adapter

9523010 Diode Wiring Kit from Demco



9523057 Demco Diode Combo Kit


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