Dent Vent 3 x 5 Inch White DV35W


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Dent Vent 3 x 5 Inch White DV35W

The Dent Vent is a newer product supplied by Leisure Time Products. Do you have a dent or blemish on the side of your RV? For years, there has not been a product to easily cover up or hide these spots on our RV. Leisure Time's Dent Vent is a mock cover up vent that can be installed over the dent or blemish to cover it up and make it look like it has actually been a vent there all along. The dent vent is available in 3x5 inch, 5x5 inch, and 5x10 inch sizes. All sizes are available in black or white.

Comes complete with color matching screws and butyl tape to keep water and weather away from the repaired area.

DV35W Dent Vent 3 x 5 Inch White

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