Dicor Air-Gard 4 Hose Inflation System Set VHS-N3GC


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Dicor Air-Gard 4 Hose Inflation System Set VHS-N3GC

The only 4-hose air system designed exclusively for Dicor´s Versa-Liner Wheel Simulators. Versa-liner hose system allows easy access to both inner and outer dual wheels for inflating tires or checking pressure. Flexible braided stainless steel protects a hydraulic hose that won´t kink and form weak spots like rubber will. Hose sets mount easily to valve stems using stainless steel mounting brackets included. There is no drilling, pop-rivets or special tools required. Fits everytime, with no adjustment necessary.

VHS-N3C, most 16" 19.5" & 22.5" jam nut wheel simulator systems except Dicor Versa-Liner sets: V160GM, V165GM, V160G4 & V195P8

VHS-N3GC Dicor Air-Gard 4 Hose Inflation System Set

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