Dinosaur Replacement Refrigerator Board 618666


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Dinosaur Replacement Refrigerator Board 618666

The Norcold part number is usually located on the board. Match the model number along with the board number. (Dinosaur numbers are the same as Norcold except where noted.) Three year warranty registration card included with each board. Fits models mentioned below. View our Dinosaur board application guide here.

653 3-way (long wires)

663 3-way (long wires)

683 3-way (long wires)

6053 3-way (long wires)

6063 3-way (long wires)

6083 3-way (long wires)

6163 3-way (long wires)

6183 3-way (long wires)

6631M 3-way (long wires)

6831M 3-way (long wires)

618666 Dinosaur Replacement Refrigerator Board

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