DirectLine Fiber Clean Towels 35 Towels - 128


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DirectLine Fiber Clean Towels 35 Towels - 128

Clean stains and spills in one simple towel. A powerful carpet spotter formula in the convenience of a towel that quickly and easily remove spots, spills and stains from carpet and upholstery. Fiber Clean wipes out the tough spots without leaving soil attracting residue behind. Each Fiber Clean towel deodorizes as it cleans and is safe to use on a variety of carpets and upholstery. Cleans and removes soda, coffee, candy, ink, vomit, blood, greasy foods, gum, oil, grease, soil, pet stains and more.


Prior to using Fiber Swipe towels, always test carpet in a small hidden area for colorfastness and examine when carpet dries.

FRESH SPILLS. Remove any excess residue remaining. Pull towel from container and apply open towel to fresh spills to blot and absorb any excess liquid. Apply towel to any remaining spill in a rubbing motion until removed.

SPOTS & STAINS. Pull a towel from container and apply towel to spot/stain in a rubbing motion working from the outside toward the center. Continue to apply as noted above until spot/stain is gone.


128 DirectLine Fiber Clean Towels 35 Towels

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