Dometic Comfort Control Center White 3109228.001


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Comfort Control Center White Wall Thermostat

This electronic, digital system provides zoned climate control for as many as four areas within the coach — all from a digital control panel. It’s ideal for multi-room and slide-out floor plan configurations. When replacing the old 4 button Comfort Control thermostat with this new 5 button model, it requires a control box upgrade. Please have the model number of your air conditioner available, along with the number of air conditioners on your coach, and contact us to determine the extra parts needed.

Also available in black.


If your thermostat gives the "EE" error code, use the following instructions to reset the thermostat.


1.) Turn the ON/OFF switch to “OFF” position.
2.) Simultaneously depress and hold the MODE and ZONE push-buttons while turning the ON/OFF switch to “ON”. FF should appear in the LCD display until the MODE and ZONE push-buttons are released. If EE appears when the buttons released, do the reset again. If EE keeps coming back there is a communication problem with the cable.
3.) When a dip switch is turned on or off after initial configuration, a system reset will need to be done before the Comfort Control Center will recognize the updated selection. Any time a component is added or removed it would be best to do a reset. There are no repairs to be done to the Comfort Control thermostat.


3109228.001 Dometic Comfort Control Center White

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