Dometic Patty O Rooms

Dometic Patty O Rooms

Patty O Room

Patty O'Room makes your RV patio awning into a comfortable screened-in enclosure that protects from flying insects and nearly doubles your living space. Works will 8500, 9000, and Sunchaser series Dometic awnings.

Built in roll-down privacy panels provide a spare bedroom or sheltered storage space.

Setup is fast and simple. The Patty O'Room starter set includes both end panels, one 3-foot door panel, skirting, wheel-well cover, hardware kit, and zippered storage bag. For further information on the Dometic Patty O Rooms, please view our blog post! See instructions on how to determine your Patty O Room below.

1. Measure your patio awning from the center of one of the awning arms mounted on the RV to the center of the other arm. This is the size of your awning. Use this size to select which Patty O Room works for you.

2. Measure the distance from the ground to the vehicle's awning rail. If this measurement is 93" to 110", you will use the Standard height Patty O Room. If this measurement is 111" to 120", you will use the Tall height Patty O Room.

3. Once you have these two measurements you will be able to determine which Patty O Room you need. The starter kit and all panels needed will be shipped according to the sizes you select.

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