Marinco Park Power Detachable Power Conversion Kit 30 Amp 30ARVKIT


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Park Power Detachable Power Conversion Kit 30 Amp 30ARVKIT

Park Power Converts hard wired RV power hook-up to detachable power hook-up quickly and easily. Make connections hassle free. After installing the inlet on the side of the RV, the original power cord that came with the RV can be modified by installing the connector and cover on the severed end. Detachable power allows you to use a variety of power cords and adapters to make hook-up easier. High quality marine grade construction means durability. Easy Lock System makes for secure connections. Kit contains: Power inlet, Female connector, Weatherproof cover and everything needed for easy install.

Installation Manual: Click Here

30ARVKIT Detachable 30 Amp Conversion Kit


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    Quality Product but a Poor Kit....

    A couple of thoughts….
    1) The adaptor plate was too small and was only 4 5/8”OD. This would not cover the existing screw hole pattern so I had to make my own adaptor plate. I did email the manufacturer and they said it comes in two sizes the older version was 4” and newer ones 5 “ so I’m not sure were there getting their data from. I made the adaptor plate out of a piece of 3mm white Lexan with the OD at 5 1/4”. I ended up using the adaptor plate supplied as the clamping plate inside of the trailer. To do this you need to pick up from the hardware store some longer 8-32 screws 2” long and I used stainless.
    2) The instructions tell you to pull the harness out of the camper so you have enough length to work with before cutting. Which I did, but you cannot get the wire harness thru the strain relief on the back side of the connector on the camper side of the trailer without removing the outer insulation. As I was able to gain access from the inside where the cable is stored I should have just used the vehicle wiring and tied right into the trailer connector and saved myself and extra 2 feet of shore line.
    3) The electrical box they provided could have been used as my clamp plate on the inside of the trailer also. This cubby now can be used for extra storage space with a door a fixed.
    4) My previous trailer from KZ came with this type of connector as standard and that had a screw thread for the locking ring. I prefer this over the twist lock as it is more difficult to get it to engage. In 10 years of ownership I never had a cross threading issue.

    In Conclusion: Would I buy it again? The answer is YES, as having the pull out shoreline is just unacceptable due to a mice/insect access point. On two separate occasions camping with in my buddy’s trailer, with the pull out style, we have had mice gain access even though the cap was securely closed.
    Recommendations: Instructions need to be updated. Adaptor plate needs to be larger to match current product line it's replacing.
    Oh…..make sure to apply plenty of soap before pulling the harness connector thru the yellow sleeve. And Good luck

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