Roadmaster Hi-Low Hitch 4" 048-4


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Roadmaster Hi-Low Hitch 4" 048-4

The leading cause of tow system failure is an “out of level” tow bar — when the tow bar is at an upward or downward slope (To see if your tow bar is level, see Stay Within the 'Safe Zone.') The accessories in this section allow you to connect your tow bar at a safe, level height.

Use a Hi-Low Hitch to level the RV hitch to the tow bar.
Available in four-, six-, eight-, and 10-inch drops.

• Fits all square tube hitch receivers with two-inch inner dia.
• 10,000 lb. GVWR capacity; 400 lb. tongue weight max.

Note: Safety cable extensions are required for any accessory which extends the length of the towing system.

048-4 Roadmaster Hi-Low Hitch 4"

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