Winegard Pathway X2 Portable Automatic Satellite PA6002R Bundle


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Winegard Pathway X2 Portable Automatic Satellite Antenna PA6002R Bundle

This Bundle includes the Exclusive ViP 211z DISH Receiver.

The only DISH approved fully automatic portable satellite antenna that delivers two receiver capabilities.

The Pathway X2 is 100% automatic and self-installs faster than other antennas. The X2 runs through the ViP series receiver menu using the new DISH mobile protocol. Just set your state and the X2 will do the rest!

Pathway X2 accesses all DISH satellites everywhere in the United States. Uses both the Western Arc (110°, 119° and 129°) orbital locations and the Eastern Arc (61.5°, 72.7° and 77°) single orbitals.

The Pathway X2 is powered through the coaxial cable from the satellite receiver. Just one wire, no power cable needed!

The larger reflector housed in the X2 enables the best portable reception in all weather conditions.

The X2 is the only DISH certified portable satellite antenna that works with 2 receivers, perfect for RVs where there are typically 2 - 3 televisions.

The Pathway X2 is compatible with the DISH Pay-As-You-Go program featuring no monthly contracts and no commitments!


  • Satellites Acquired: 110°, 119°, 129° or 61.5°, 72.7°, 77°
  • Unit Weight: 16 lbs
  • Dimensions: 21" diameter, 15" stowed height, 20.75" fully deployed height
  • Stationary Use Only
  • *Multiple receivers must watch programming from the same satellite, Pathway X2 antenna receives programming from 1 satellite at a time and moves between satellites as needed.


PA6002R Pathway X2 Bundle Fully Automatic Portable Satellite by Winegard

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