Getting the Correct RV Part

Getting the Correct RV Part

Posted by Claudia Haddix on 4th Aug 2016

At we strive incredibly hard to give everyone the correct information that is required to order the right parts for their RV. We have people that call in everyday that have ordered a part because it looks exactly like the one they have in their coach and it is in fact the wrong part.  In this industry, you most certainly cannot judge a book by its cover.  The inner workings of electrical parts is the most important facet. 

 As an example, most Coleman Thermostats look very much alike, but their inside electronics are very different.The model of themostat that you have should be on the backing plate of your thermostat, you will have to take the entire thermostat off the wall in order to get the numbers. If you are replacing a Coleman Thermostat and do not see your current model on this Coleman Conversion Chart please call us and we will contact Coleman to get you the proper replacement.  If you try to replace your thermostat with the incorrect model it can cause damage to other components in your coach. 

Coleman Zone Control Thermostat

Another part that is hard to discern just by looks are the parts for Kwikee Electric Steps, the motors, the gears and the control units look very similar but they are not at all alike.  With these step parts it is imperative that you have as much information as possible about your current model. The most important detail is the age that the part was manufactured, Kwikee does not carry any parts for models older than 1999, the inner workings of the components has changed and the newer parts may or may not work with the older steps.  Kwikee will not support putting parts into these older than 1999 models. Take a look at this Tip Sheet on part numbers and what the key numbers you will need to look for.  When calling us, having the part number and serial number of your current part makes it easier for us to isolate the part(s) you need.

Slide Out Motors can also be a major source of aggravation when trying to find the correct one to replace your current malfunctioning one. If you can have the part number and serial number and any other markings that you see on the motor, this will help us isolate the part that you need. 

Awnings are also very specific! The model number of your awning is crucial in finding any parts that you may need for your Awning.  The model number of your actual awning, which is usually on a sticker on your roller tube, may not always tell us the model number of your hardware.  These are two separate numbers.  The model number of your hardware is usually in the channel on the right hand side when facing the RV. If you have these numbers when calling us it will guarantee that we get you the correct replacement part.

How to Breakdown Your Awning


We have great relationships with many of the manufacturers of the parts we sell.  This is beneficial to you as we can usually get answers to questions quickly. These examples cited above are just a few of the items that require very specific parts, it is best just to give us a call at 765-575-8496 and we will help you in any way we can.