Never Run out of Propane Again!!!!

Never Run out of Propane Again!!!!

Posted by Claudia Haddix on 19th Feb 2019

Everything today  revolves around solving problems and convenience. Mopeka Products has come up with some products that makes it virtually impossible to not know what is in your propane tank at all times.

First in line we have the Mopeka Standard Sensor which works on 20, 30 and 40 horizontal RV tanks. This allows you to monitor the level of propane using the free Mopeka Check App from your smartphone or tablet.  You can also use the Mopeka Check Double Monitor to check the levels in two separate propane tank. 

                                          Mopeka Tank Sensor Kit

After the huge success of the Tank Sensor Kit Mopeka came out with some new products to help enhance the reading of the sensors.  On some tanks there was not enough room at the base of the tank for a proper reading so Mopeka came up with a couple of products to resolve this issue, the Mopeka Tank Anchor. The Mopeka Tank Anchor is a great alternative to those bulky and tall tank stands found in most stores. Protects your car and floor surfaces from the rust and grime that builds up on cylinder. It can be used with or without the sensors.

Mopeka Tank Anchor

Mopeka also manufactured a Tank Base that does the same thing as the anchor it is just a different application and can be used with or without the sensors.  It is nice to have one of these if you are storing any tanks around the RV or house for spares.  It keeps the base from rusting. It is a handy accessory to have.

Mopeka Tank Stand

Now if you have a larger tank anywhere from 100 lb to a 1000 lb the Mopeka XL Sensor is used to Indicate level of propane for Larger Tanks. Uses Bluetooth Signals To Update Smart Device and will magnetize to the bottom staying in one spot.

Mopeka Sensor XL

The newest product from Mopeka that will hit the RV Industry this year is the   Mopeka Sensor  Gateway. The new gateway connects your tank sensor to the cloud using your home WIFI. Also compatible with Alexa and Google Home.  You will be able to ask Alexa , "How much propane do I have left in my tanks?" Allows you to check your propane levels from anywhere at anytime. With all of these great products that solve an age old issue you will never run out of propane again!